Meditation for Wellness

Nature Therapy

Research has shown been out in nature has the potential to help manage anxiety, depression, mood disorder, burnout syndrome, lifestyle-related stress and overall quality of life. Out in nature has shown benefits those with hypertension, cardiovascular disease and pain. It can improve blood glucose levels in diabetic patients; cognitive function and immune function.

Nature invites you to connect with your senses touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing, breath, finding a quiet spot, stillness, mindful walking, and reflection. Release, let go and feel your mind, body and soul become quiet, relaxed, and comes back into balance.

Louise invites you to join her out in nature for a mindful experience.

Virtual Guided Meditation

Repeated Mediation can support you with anxiety, stress, chronic physical pain, disease, painful life events. Negative emotions such as anger. It can improve our thoughts and feelings it can impact our positive emotions It can bring us happiness, improve relationships, improve performance. It is not a cure but can support alongside other therapies. Meditation can help live a life of contentment