Nature Therapy

Meet at Stanmer Park, Brighton every Friday 10.00am

Small Groups (Following all current Covid Guildlines)

Contact Louise if you wish to Join

Louise invites you to join in a beautiful experience to Nature Therapy with a Creative Guided Meditation in the Sussex Downs.
On arriving at your destination turn off all your electronic devices to give yourself the best chance of relaxing, being mindful and enjoying a sensory experience. Wear warm comforting clothes. You can relax back seated or lying down you may wish to bring a Yoga or Pilates mat, a blanket and a bottle of water. Louise guide you on a Journey while soaking up the beauty of Mother Nature, Mother Earth and lend your ear to the sounds of Nature,soak up all the experiences within the woods.

Repeated Nature Therapy can support you with anxiety, stress, chronic physical pain, disease, painful life events. Negative emotions such as anger. It can improve our thoughts and feelings it can impact our positive emotions It can bring us happiness, improve relationships, improve performance. It is not a cure but can support alongside other therapies. Meditation can help live a life of contentment.

  • What to bring with you Yoga mat or Pilates mat
  • Blanket, and or sleeping bag (for the cooler months)
  • Eye mask (optional)
  • Bottle of water (including flasks of hot drinks).
  • Warm comforting clothes
  • Closed shoes or boots (not sandals - they don't protect your feet).