Distance Reiki

For those who are unable to meet with me, this may be a Person or an Animal. Distance Reiki is as effective as a hands on session. In fact sometimes the sensations can be even more intense. They are also extremely useful for those occasions that mean you can't leave home due to a cold, back pain or simply because you can't travel, or maybe the Animal is in hospital, at the Vets or Aggressive to strangers. Distant healing sessions are also a beautiful gift to give to someone who is abroad and feeling stressed or out of sorts! All you need to do is lie down and relax to let the energy flow. If you like you can play music whatever makes you or the animal feel more comfortable. Afterwards it is sensible to rest for a little while so that you gain the most from the healing session. When mutually convenient we will chat and I will email to discuss any issues that arose during the session and to consider how to move forward with treatment.

Please do contact me if you would like to arrange a Distance Healing.

Distance Reiki


Thank you I saw lots of colours again ❤️Purple green blue red golden brown and a lovely white. T xx

Thanks Louise. No idea how it works but I absolutely felt my mood shift earlier. Pup he is sleepy currently, he normally starts being anxious in the evening. I'll see if he's any better tonight. Fx

Hi Louise, thank you so so much for the distance reiki yesterday. You are amazing and a complete angel. I slept for 10 hours last night. I feel more relaxed already.! K Xx

Thank you so much for your lovely message. D was very peaceful throughout and is sleeping now. We also feel very calm. Thank you. Xx C

Both C and D have been asleep and feeling great, thank you. Hope all well with you. Love from us all. Xx B