1-1 Mentoring for You

Wherever you may be on your journey from time to time we have questions and need a little guidance, support and answers. Or you may wish to progress with your own continuous professional development (CPD) I am here for you...

I have the experience, knowledge and skills to listen to you, guide you and support you.

My life skills, experience, knowledge and skills comes from a Management and Leadership role.
I am qualified to Teach, Assess and Verify face-face, Apprenticeship workbase learning and through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

My own journey with Reiki started in 2009.
I have developed my own knowledge and skills in animal holistic therapies, Reiki for people and animals as a Teacher and Practitioner from my own wonderful teacher's animals and people.

I offer to you Virtual 1-1 mentoring, when we make contact you can discuss whatever you wish.
If you need a little guidance, answers or to progress with your own continuous professional development (CPD)

You tell me how long you wish to have with me, 1-3 hours per session. You may wish to meet once a week, once a month the choice is yours. Within my mentor role to you I will listen to you, guide you and support you.

Please contact me if you would like me to be your Mentor (exchange £15ph)

Feedback from others I Mentor

Louise is an amazing teacher/mentor she always listens and always stays very calm and has such a relaxing voice. I have been going to Louise for a few years and really enjoy going and hope I can go for more years to come.

Achieving my Level 1 and 2 Reiki Courses with Louise, was an amazing experience that has changed my life. Information and knowledge is shared and explained at a pace suitable for those individually or in the small group setting. Since completing my Reiki qualification Louise is and has been an inspirational mentor. Louise allows for questions and discussions with practise available on past and present. Thank you Louise for sharing such wonderful healing energy skills that have empowered me to help others to enrich their lives.

I first came to see Louise for Reiki after a difficult winter of picking up so many colds and viruses. I was pretty low and before I had my Reiki, Louise listened intently and showed so much warmth and empathy, it helped me hugely. The Reiki was fantastic and then afterwards she suggested ways of making my life more balanced so I didn't continue to pick up Illnesses. I felt Louise really cared and it was lovely to have that level of support.
I have since seen Louise when I was very low. She made time to see me at short notice. Once again she let me offload and listened to me which made me feel so much lighter. We also chatted through ways to make me feel better which really helped me. She called me a few times afterwards to check if I was ok.
Louise is a beautiful person inside and out. She is so caring and can really help to guide you to a better place.