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Reiki I for People

What a day that was! Amazing. I'm still processing it all. But the one thing I'm certain and still feel in my heart, is your tremendous kindness and generosity. I couldn't have hoped for a better teacher, really. I'm very grateful. Thank you Louise. Thank you for your warmth, your simplicity, your openness, thank you for not judging me and above all thank you for accepting me as your student.

My first introduction to animal healing studies was with Louise and what a special introduction it has been. Louise has a warm openness about her that makes you immediately feel at ease and ready to tackle anything. Her positive and happy disposition is contagious. She is definitely an expert in the field of animal healing and sharing that knowledge and experience comes natural to her. We had 4 very productive distance animal healing & teaching session via skype together from which myself and Milou (my 7 year old daschund with back problems) benefited immensely. Thank you Louise.

I had the pleasure of spending the day with Louise working towards and gaining my Reiki I. Louise was just brilliant from the start, she put me at ease when I was a little anxious about what was going to happen and explained everything perfectly.You can clearly see how passionate she is about Reiki and passing on her knowledge.I would highly recommend Louise to anyone and I can't wait to go back in May to do my Reiki II.

Thank you again for Saturday. A lovely day of learning and all sorts. Still processing and moving forward with new bits. Feels like being handed some new tools and insight. Lots of good dreams, connecting more to copper, amber, the bat, especially. Started the 21 day practice and will be interested to see what comes up during that time. Thanks also for your generous hospitality you inspired me to cook today. You are a very conscientious and generous teacher. Xxx

Thank you so much for today! I really really enjoyed it!😁😁😁 and learnt so much! As always, you help me with my confidence!! So thank you for that also... Hope you have a fab weekend! Xxx

Hi Louise, just dropping you a line to say thank you so much for yesterday. I really enjoyed it and have tried it on the dog in rescue today. He seemed to like it. Looking forward to working on the family. Lots of love xxxxxx

Hi Louise Thank you so much for such an amazing day yesterday I totally loved it. Thank you Please can you put me on the list for Reiki 2 day . Thank

Thanks so much to you, Louise for spending the day with me. You were so welcoming and really helped me gain my confidence in Reiki and energy work. Before I arrived I was really quite worried about what I would be able to do, but through your support and encouragement I had a super time! I loved the meditation and healing you did.... (and working with Molly and a Hannah), I believe that you have helped my numbness in my left side significantly and my whole body has kick started into working through many old issues! I am very much looking foward to coming back for my next Reiki session!

ET: “I thought the course content taught by Louise was brilliant and I feel that I have received sufficient learning. Louise gave us sufficient resources to learn, from completing practical sessions, teaching sessions and course notes. The enviroment we learn in has a lovely ambience. Louise provided brilliant hospitality throughout the course including a warm welcome, refreshments and lunch.”

AK: “I felt the course content was very thorough and has given me sufficient learning to make me feel confident to practice Reiki. The learning enviroment Louise provides is very calming and peaceful. As for the hospitality Louise provides it is wonderful. There would be nothing I would change it was perfect”

KA: “The Reiki Level 1 practitioner course content was really informative, the enviroment where we learnt was lovely, really relaxing and welcoming. As for the hospitality provide by Louise the Lunch and refreshments was amazing”

CP: “I felt the course content delivered on the Reiki level 1 practitioner course was exactly as I had expected. Louise helped me build confidence, through practical sessions, teaching sessions and great course notes. Where we learn is perfect and has a relaxing enviroment. Our group size was perfect, not too big or small.”

JC: “The course content delivered on the Reiki Level 1 practitioner course was very interesting and I enjoyed the mix of learning styles, including practical and teaching sessions. The resources Louise provided including the book and the meditation tips were really handy. I am now very keen to practice on my family and friends. The learning enviroment was very comfortable, relaxing and peaceful. I liked having the dogs around. Louise made me feel very welcome and made sure I was comfortable. The refreshments and lunch provided was very nice and was a bonus it being Vegan”

AJ: “The Reiki Level 1 practitioner course day was great; I feel I received more than efficient learning. The learning enviroment is great, I love the bean bag chair!!, On arrival I was given a warm welcome and later on provided with great refreshments and a delicious lunch.”

KW: “The course content delivered by Louise was really good, she provided a lovely warm and friendly enviroment.”

Anon: “The Reiki Level 1 practitioner course content was really good and very methodical, I received sufficient learning for this level but would like more to be able to proceed onto future levels. The resources Louise provided including course notes, practical and teaching sessions where really good. The teaching enviroment made me feel relaxed and was really friendly. I received a warm welcome as usual from Louise, and the refreshments and lunch that was provided was really nice. There is not really anything I would change about the course but would maybe like to see more delivered on the animal side of Reiki too.”

SP: “ I have received reiki before, but it was great to learn myself what it is and how it is done. I felt the course content was well planned, there was lots of information and direction to further links to help with my understanding. The practical sessions were fabulous, and the teaching sessions were really easy to follow.”

DC: “The Reiki Level 1 practitioner course was fantastic! the resources we were provided with was very sufficient, and the teaching enviroment so calming. As for the hospitality Louise provided was impeccable,10/10.”

JK: “I completed the Reiki Level 1 practitioner course in October the course content we covered was very thorough, there would be nothing I would change it was a great day including lots of learning.”

PR: “I completed my Reiki Level 1 practitioner course in October, the course content was amazing, I learned so much. Louise answered all my questions and I feel I received al the information I needed to practice reiki. We did the learning in Louise’s loft conversions it was so bright and lovely, it made me feel very comfortable during my time on the course. Louise is very warm and open, she provided us with a delicious lunch and refreshments. It was perfect.”

AH: “the reiki Level 1 practitioner course was very informative and detailed. There was excellent follow up points to do after the course. Great source of materials. The learning enviroment is very calm and inviting. Louise made you feel like you belong there in the space and the group”

Reiki II Practitioner

CP: “I have completed the Reiki Level 2 practitioner course, the meditations were great and met my expectations, the course content was challenging but we went at a very relaxing pace. We covered all the necessary content thoroughly. The information I received on A&P was very useful. But most of all I enjoyed the time reflecting with other students about treatment given, it was good to be able to hear feedback and understand that we are all similar.”

AJ: “I completed the Reiki Level 2 Practitioner course in April 2019. The course was great and met all my expectations. The learning environment Louise provides is lovely and very relaxing. I most enjoyed on day one of the course practicing Reiki skills and then on day two it has to be working on clients. If there was anything I would like to change, I would like a bit more practice on day one. Louise provides great hospitality, from welcoming us to refreshments then a lovely lunch”

AK: “The Reiki Level 2 practitioner course was better than I ever expected, the course content I couldn’t have imagined how empowering it was. I absolutely was given sufficient learning time; the A&P was very well explained by Louise. Where we did the learning there was an amazing energy, it was very relaxing. I enjoyed most the time with everyone and feeling my energy getting stronger, it was perfect. Louise provides great hospitality, very welcoming and I felt looked after and supported.”

Anon: “Louise presented the course content very well, I loved getting the hands-on experience practicing Reiki on someone. The course notes and teaching sessions are excellent, as were the practical sessions, however I would have liked to have had more practical sessions, but I understand there are time constraints. Overall, I felt the course was great, I left very content and contained with new knowledge and experience.”

GW: “The Reiki Level 2 Practitioner course content is broad; I have learnt so much. The information Louise provides for the A&P was presented very clearly and was concise. As for Louise she made me feel very welcome and put me at ease, the refreshments and lunch she provided was scrumptious.”

PE: “I completed the Reiki Level 2 practitioner course in September 2018. The course content was fantastic, and the resources Louise provided us with were very sufficient. Louise is a great host, was very welcoming. I loved every minute of my course”

AB: “I completed the Reiki Level 2 Practitioner course in June 2018. Louise is very welcoming and provided us with refreshments and lunch. The environment we were taught in was lovely, the treatment room in the garden is very relaxing. Louise taught us very well, we covered lots of information.”

Anon: “The Reiki Level 2 Practitioner course content is very interesting and there is plenty of it, I received so much learning resources and time, but you can never have enough. I loved the garden room we were we were taught”

Anon: “I completed the Reiki Level 2 Practitioner course and loved every minute. I definitely received sufficient learning time and resources to make me feel confident to practice Reiki. Louise gave us very good information on our A&P. I felt very comfortable within the learning environment, and as for Louise’s hospitality she was very welcoming and provided us with a fantastic lunch and refreshments. There is nothing I would change, I really loved how the class was!”

GC: “The Reiki Level 2 Practitioner course I felt was excellent, Louise provided us with absolutely sufficient resources, and the information on A&P was very interesting. Louise is warm and friendly and provided us with plenty of lovely grub. The environment was perfect for learning, very comfortable.”

Reiki I for Animals and People

JA: “The Level 1 Animals and People course content was fantastic, there was lots of opportunities to give reiki treatments throughout the course. The setting in Raystede where the course took place was lovely. It was calming and relaxing.”

SW: “I didn’t really know what to expect of the Reiki Level 1 animal and people course. Although the course notes were fully explanatory and gave a full initial introduction to reiki and would have liked to have practiced for a while and then have been taken to the next level. I felt I had been given sufficient learning, but I do feel that I need a bit more confidence as I don’t feel anything when practicing reiki on myself, however I did see the impact it had on the animals. The enviroment where we learnt was lovely even though it is sad the reasons why the animals are there, but they are extremely well cared for and loved by the staff. The facilities are excellent.”

JC: “I thought the course content was excellent and was given plenty of learning on how to use reiki on animals, however I am not sure I received enough learning on how to use reiki on humans. However, I want to concentrate on Animals anyway. Where we did the learning is a very lovely place. I would like to do the Reiki 2 course in the future.”

MH: “The course content for the Reiki Level 1 Animal and people was absolutely fabulous, I can’t wait to be cracking on practicing reiki on my own dogs. I Truly enjoyed the day. I feel I have learnt so much, the support from Louise and the group has been amazing. I love Raystede and it is a perfect setting for the teaching of this course.”

LP: “the course content was pretty thorough and allowed me to revise my learning, I just need to use it now. The place that we did the course in was absolutely brilliant although emotional. I need to learn to protect myself from the past emotions and history of the animals more. There is nothing I would change about the course it was a great day.”

AC: “The Reiki Level 1 Animals and People course content I really enjoyed. The class size was good and meant all were able to engage fully. It was the best enviroment for Reiki for animals, very therapeutic, welcoming and friendly. I can’t think of anything I would like to change about the course”

TE: “The course content for the Reiki Level 1 Animals and people’s course was very comprehensive. I felt I did receive sufficient learning however I would have liked the notes given again. It the centre we did the learning in was very appropriate.”

LH: “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the content was good and thorough, I loved the centre it was a perfect enviroment. I definitely want to do the next one.”

MT: “The course content was interesting and was focused, where we learned was very welcoming. I have started my personal walk with reiki!”

CW: “I felt the course content from the Level 1 animals and people course was very good, covered a lot. I already had a bit of previous experience of Reiki and the learning provided by Louise built on this previous experience. Where we did the course in Raystede, looked after the animals in an exemplary fashion and were very cooperative and helpful.”

VH: “The course content was perfect, enough content and was taught in a relaxed environment. The - notes were very good, practical sessions were given in a variety of different forms. Louise gave great constructive feedback. The place was amazing, and everything needed. I loved it Thanks so much Louise!”

KA: “The course content on the Reiki Level 1 animal and people’s course was really informative and was definitely given sufficient learning to be able to provide reiki to family members and pets. I really loved the place where we came to give reiki. It was a lovely warm room.”

JP: “The course content provided was really balanced and informative, and I feel as though I have been given an excellent start on animal reiki.”

ANON: “I completed the Reiki level 1 people and Animal course with Louise. The course content was really good and was in a great location. I think the learning provided was a good start, but maybe a little more practice or sequence first would help for me to learn the steps, but I do need to read the notes properly. It would have helped me as I was doing it as a total beginner. But I loved the day.”

ANON: “I feel the course content was excellent and was very interesting day. I definitely gained a better understanding of reiki. And as for the enviroment we learnt in it was excellent.”

AA: “The course content was brilliant, well focused. I found the pre-reading material Louise provided to us was very helpful beforehand and for reference later. The hospitality Louise provided was perfect. The day was really wonderful and at a perfect time for me and thank you so much Louise.”

AC: “I completed the Level 1 reiki animal and people course in March 2019, I found the course content very interesting and informative. I feel I have a good basic to go away with and continue practicing and learning. Where we did the course was a lovely enviroment, informal and appropriate. I enjoyed cuddling the cats while learning. The hospitality Louise provided was good, I liked the lunch and the refreshments which were provided. I would maybe have liked a bit more of an introduction of teachers, students and place of learning (i.e. PACT)”

AJ: “The course content is very good, the place we went to have a varied range of animals all getting the best possible care and it was a good place to practice in.”

ANON: “The course resources Louise provided were very helpful, and she the class was very well lead with clear explanations. Where we did the course was great. And we were given lots of opportunities to have hands on practice. Louise’s hospitality was good, and we were giving plenty of time for lunch.”

KC: “Where we did the Level 1 animals and people reiki course was a very welcoming enviroment. There was plenty of both indoor and outdoor opportunities for healing. The course content was comprehensive on a level which was understandable. Louise and Adele re affirmed the teachings regularly and made sure were disconnected appropriately. I felt I had been given sufficient learning time.”

Reiki for Animals and People - Practitioner Level

GC: “I completed the Animal Reiki Level 2 practitioners’ course in March 2019. The course content had a variety of different subjects and Louise absolutely provided enough resources for me to feel that my learning is complete. We did the learning in a variety of different location settings, Saltdean was very relaxed and peaceful, and concluded my learning, Raystede was very much the same, it was a brilliant location for healing animals as the animals were very receptive to the healing. We also did practice on private clients which were in a variety of locations, and on the farm, which was fantastic experience. Right up my street. I found the whole experience really enjoyable . I felt very comfortable, safe and relaxed. Louise is a brilliant caring teacher.”

MT: “I enjoyed the meditations which were part of the Animal reiki level 2 practitioners’ course. Being in a variety of locations and settings and being with the individual animals practicing healing and learning about there history. I though the location in Saltdean was welcoming and very relaxing and conclusive to learning. As for Raystede the setting was very welcoming, calming place to work in and very helpful. I have to say one of my favourite parts would be the wonderful opportunity to be able to go to the farm. It was challenging as it was on different types of animals. Louise is a great teacher, fantastic host, kind and encouraging to all her students!”

JB: “I enjoyed the Level 2 animal Reiki practitioners’ course especially working and being taught by Louise, working in a group and being able to share individuals’ experiences of healing. Louise provided us with a variety of different teaching environments all were well informed and a safe place to learn. There is nothing I would change about my experience on the course. I am always eager for more opportunities to work/learn/expand knowledge.”

AB” I enjoyed it all. Starting each day with a guided meditation with Louise created the perfect space to be working with the animals. The course notes provide great detail and great to refer back to. I very much enjoyed discussing a range of conditions and Illness’s and how Reiki for animals can have such an effect mentally, emotionally, physically and the soul. Louise has a range of experience working with rescue animals from sanctuaries, private clients at home and sanctuaries in different countries, as well as private clients. It was great to experience different settings. The farm was wonderful!! Very much looking forward to working with the animals I care for in the sanctuary where I work. Louise is a great teacher explaining, demonstrating and encouraging feedback. I feel much more confident.”

PE” Amazing!! I loved it all. Louise is very welcoming and you can certainly relax around Louise. I loved the guided meditation each day. The course notes are very detailed. Louise explained everything clearly verbally and through demonstration. It was wonderful to visit private clients, rescue centres and the farm. I absolutely loved working with the cows. All the places we have visited we’re very welcoming and explained everything we needed to know about their animals before treating them. My confidence has certainly grown and have a great understanding of the requirements of different settings and the range of conditions and Illness” Most of all giving the animal time to build trust and listen to the animals”