Virtual Reiki Energy Healing Share

A Share is a wonderful experience of coming together with like -minded people sharing your own experiences. It is a very relaxing time for you. The Share will start with a Creative Guided Meditation, Distance Healing followed by a Reiki Energy Healing treatment for yourself.

Starting January 2021 every 1st Wednesday of each month @7pm for 1 hour there will be no charge.

Louise will host the Reiki share, take you through a short meditation to cleanse, ground and protect before we go into a group Reiki Energy Healing share. The Group Reiki Healing share has proved very powerful through individual groups and the twice weekly Meditations. The Reiki Share will be for Reiki Masters, Reiki I, Reiki II and Energy Healing practitioners. The Reiki Energy Healing blast will go to everyone present on the Reiki Share.