Equine and Animal Self Selection

Self- Selection by Animals is where a particular extract is offered this may include Herbage, Flower, Hydrosol, Powder, Infused Herb Oil, or an Essential Oil is offered to the animal.

The animal will self-select what they require for Common Illness, Condition, or Behaviour they may have. The animals self-select the remedy, the animal will guide the session by inhaling it, taking it orally or by rubbing a part of its body into it.

When the condition has cleared or improved the animal will normally reject any of the extracts that were preciously chosen.

If the condition is allowed to escalate then more remedies will be selected.

The Equine and Animal's choice will be specific to the Condition, Illness, Behaviour. Once the animal is aware of what they require it is important I let the animal control is remedy, dosage and application.

Over the years I have trained and qualified with Elizabeth Whiter and Caroline Ingraham. I have developed my skills and knowledge on how different extracts can support all animals mentally, emotionally and physically.