Rescued Animals

At Centres you will be asked about your home and lifestyle, to help them match you to your ideal dog. If you are going to buy a pedigree dog, only go to a reputable breeder. Never buy from shops or through newspaper adverts where many breeds are listed, as this could mean that the puppy is from a puppy farm. Make sure that you see all paperwork when you visit the puppy.

When rescuing an animal there are some important factors you need to ask yourself, if you are a family it must be a family agreement. A dog can live up to 15 years or more, a responsible owner must ensure the dog gets two walks a day, has play time, and is not left for more than 4 hours.

The local RSPCA are very welcoming to Complementary and Holistic approach to animal care. The animals I have worked with have taught me so much about a range of Common Conditions and Behaviour.

I have a big heart for Egypt, a rescue centre I work at throughout the year is Animal Care Egypt. Read my stories on Touch of Reiki Facebook - Like our page.

Bluemoon Animal Sanctuary

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Purrfect Cat Cafe

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Dog Rescue Cyprus

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