If you were like me and apprehensive of reiki healing- I highly recommend Louise Wilson!! She has been nothing but amazing making me feel more earth bound and centred. The healing always makes me go away feeling 110% better than when I arrive. I cannot recommend her enough!

I have received healing from Lou both in person and distantly, taken part in her regular guided meditation sessions and healed alongside her when completing our Animal Healing diploma, I can not recommend this beautiful lady enough to anyone...she is incredibly intuitive, caring, compassionate and a wonderfully gifted healer

I have regular Reiki with Louise Wilson. Which I have always found very beneficial. I have seen her at times when I have been extremely low and exhausted and I have left her beautiful treatment room feeling refreshed, grounded and lifted. Lou is very professional in her approach and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. She is very approachable and has great knowledge about her field of expertise. I continue to recommended her to friends and family. I look forward to my next treatment.

I've had regular sessions with Louise for reiki particularly at times when I've had very personal issues which she manages to soothe away. The treatment room is just perfect! So tranquil and relaxing. I walk out of there feeling refreshed and calm. My dog Ellie 'Brian' Allum has also had many treatments with Lou including reiki, healing and oils. Her behaviour really calmed down and she loved seeing Lou for her sessions.

Thanks Lou, highly recommend you to anyone Xx

Can't recommend Louise Wilson highly enough for doggie therapy. My cocker spaniel was showing some behavioural changes , we think due to a change in the household. He developed a really close bond with Louise, who, through using touch, calmed him right down. The humans relaxed beautifully too! A friend remarked, he's back to default settings now

For my first Reiki session I had no idea what to expect, but Lou put me completely at ease.

I felt a little nervous, and have to admit to a slight attack of the giggles 30 seconds in. However, once this was over I can only describe the experienceas absolutely amazing. For the rest of the session, which I believe was about an hour long, I was in a different world, with no conscious feelings of my surroundings.

I was warm, relaxed and didn't hear or feel anything physical at all. For part of the session, I experienced a rush of vivid colours passing over me. Just like when you lie on the floor and watch fast clouds in the sky, but much closer, more colourful and more vivid.

I felt totally at peace.When the session was over I felt completely relaxed, with a warm cosy glow, and I felt happy.

Jane T.

Just to say thank you for the Reiki you gave me one to one you relieved the pain in my knee and legs. I was so desperate that I gave something that I thought was a load of rubbish a go, to my surprise it worked I am now a believer of this practice. No more pain killers, Just a call to you. Many Many thanks


I was very impressed with the Reiki healing experience. Louise made me feel very relaxed. I was impressed by how easily Louise was able to pinpoint the areas where I had been having problems. I felt much better after the treatment. I will definitely be coming back for another treatment

Jane C.

Lou sent me distance Reiki, it was fab could do with some more .x


Only had the "hands on" sessions but have to say felt very relaxed afterwards


About Reiki

Reiki is Japanese for Universal Energy.

It describes the old age art of physical, mental, and spiritual healing through channelling.